We met Felix Jaehn to talk about “Do It Better”

DJ and producer Felix Jaehn recently released “Do It Better”, a Pop Electro-influenced collaboration with Zoe Wees.

Dj and producer Felix Jaehn is back with a perfect summer track: Do It Better. The track in collaboration with Zoe Wess, is tinged with melancholy, but also with a catchy and heady air. Very quickly we dive into a delicate and euphoric Electro Pop universe. The different elements are perfectly cut to transport us to a festival for this summer. To celebrate the release of “Do It Better”, we asked some questions to Felix Jaehn.

What was your mindset when you produced “Do it Better”?

My mindset was super good. I was just getting ready for festival summer. I was super stoked about the song. I was so happy Zoe Wees loved the song also and wanted to do it together with me, so the odds were great and I just enjoyed it. I wanted to make a powerful song, a self-empowering song, and at the same time a song for all of us to dance and party together at festivals this summer. 

What did this track represent for you?

It did, and still does, represent self-empowerment for me. It’s about the post-breakup situation. It’s about moving on and not realizing and also feeling good on my own. I also wanted to track that production to transport that feeling of empowerment and love and joy.

When and how did you realize you had become a famous artist?

My first wake-up wow moment was during my Sweden tour in 2014. Sweden was the first country where I went to number one on the official charts. I was booked to play a Sweden tour; it was my first international headline tour. I didn’t really know what to expect. When I played Cheerleader at those shows everybody was singing along, everybody knew the lyrics to the song, everybody knew who I was and was cheering at me and smiling at me and I was like wait what this is weird I’m in Sweden and they all know me. Super cool. 

Did you realize anything important about life during the covid crisis?

Yeah. Take is slow. That was my biggest learning. I was always hustling. Always touring and working on stuff and when everything had to pause I realized that it was actually nice to have a private life to take some time for myself for family for friends for dating so now going back into touring and traveling I am mindful of how much I actually want to do and how much I am capable of doing because in the past I definitely overworked my body and mind at times and now I developed a new consciousness and am super grateful to get back on the road to be working again but I am also careful at the same time. I don’t want to do too much. 

What was it like to release an album amid the COVID crisis?

Well releasing the album wasn’t really that different from releasing my first album before Covid. The weirdness came with touring because I couldn’t do a proper album tour I did a small club tour in Germany when the clubs opened up for like a few weeks last fall. But then we had to cancel some shows again because of the next wave and yeah everything regarding life was super weird but creating the music and releasing it wasn’t really a big difference. To be honest I had more time to work on stuff since I wasn’t traveling as much. 

What are you planning on doing next?

Well, I am planning on enjoying life. I am planning on keeping my gratitude up in life always. I am working on new songs. I am not focused on an album this time. So just taking it song by song, track by track and I also want to do more remixes this time and do some club tunes also that are not necessarily radio bangers but are perfect for my live sets like the remix that I did for Show’s Won’t Forget You or my collab Nuit Blanche together with club soda. And then, of course, there are some big pop singers with amazing features in the pipeline also and right now I am just super grateful for how well “Do It Better” has been received together with Zoe Wees. Thank you all for the love and support. Peace.